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Nowadays, everyone has access to Open Source software. This increases the risks of incorporating Open Source software components with incompatible licensing terms into your source code. if so happens, you may be liable to release your entire source code base into the public domain. Our strong expertise in Open Source Software License Compliance (OSSLC) assists you in reducing those risks.

We employ the OSSLC process to help you in a number of areas:

  • Reduce intellectual property risks: Identify any OSS license obligations well in advance of your product distribution.
  • Acquisitions, mergers, and VCs: Provide a better understanding of the software value, so as to facilitate negotiating a better deal.
  • Third party risks: Investigate third party software components and eliminate exposure to vulnerability risks

The Tools:

We are using state of the art tools that help us to analyse and validate your source code components. Initially we prepare the source code that needs to be analysed, try to understand the structure and interdependencies. Then we guide the tool to perform cross check with source code signatures found in Open Source projects and signatures from your source code. In the end, we investigate the reports, and if there are any issues we can recommend possible resolutions.

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