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Hedera Innovations provides a full range of consultancy services and components , to create products employing Open Source technologies. Our core application areas include Embedded Linux, Embedded GNOME and Eclipse development for embedded devices. The rich experience that we bring, built on a solid track record that includes:

  • Deployment of Linux from its earliest days using the 0.99 kernel
  • Administration of a wide variety of Linux distributions
  • Development of RT control systems using the RT Linux kernel
  • Creation of GUIs using GTK from v1.4 onwards for RT control systems
  • Implementation of Linux distributions on constrained devices, such as PDAs, and handsets
  • Inception of custom Linux distributions using the Open Embedded framework
  • Construction of Linux kernel drivers for the most recent kernel versions

Our Vision

Deliver professional, cutting edge Open Source Software technology to our customers, and contribute to the Open Software Initiative, by assisting in the formation of next generation products.

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