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Using our expertise in Open Source technology we help our clients reduce time to market and cut development costs, through realising the benefits of Open Source Software and Hedera’s approach.

  • Specialist knowledge
We offer the highest level of expertise in using and developing with Open Source Software. Our experts number between them many decades of hands-on experience to accelerate your product and your team.

  • Flexible engagement
Our vision is to support you with any engagement with Open Source Software. From development of a specialised device driver through to a complete turnkey system. We can work on your premises or from our own offices to suit your needs.

  • Freedom to innovate
Entrusting key building blocks of your product to Open Source Technology and to Hedera’s development expertise leaves your team free to innovate unique aspects of your offering.

  • Transfer of risk
Understanding and navigating then Open Source maze can be difficult for many organisations and has both technical and commercial risk. Engaging with Hedera allows you to transfer that risk where it can be safely managed by our experts.

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